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After purchasing a template or a plugin from the store, it will be delivered in 2 different file formats.

  • Installer (for Windows users only)
  • .zip (for Windows, Mac and Linux users)

Readme file

These Knowledge Base -articles cover generic guidelines but always see the README.pdf -file for product-specific details and instructions.


Some SPX Store items are available as an installer (for Windows only) which will extract all files to their correct positions automatically.

Manual installation

Zip file provides required files for manual installation. 

All SPX templates must be installed in SPX's installation folder's ASSET/templates folder. The recommended folder structure for good housekeeping is:

Using the above principle, unzip the template package to /ASSETS/templates/smartpx/PRODUCTNAME*

*add your product name here, for example Faith: /ASSETS/templates/smartpx/faith

Note some products come with additional media files which will need to be installed to for example to /ASSETS/media/images -subfolders. See README.pdf for details.

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