SPX LiveSubtitler

Premium Extension for SPX Graphics Controller

Updated 2023-08-19

An extension for SPX Graphics Controller for doing live subtitling in events or live broadcasts.

The extension consists of the following main components:

  • SPX extension; the user interface (in the SPX assets/plugins -folder)
  • Its configuration file; extension_config.json
  • SPX Graphics templates (in the SPX assets/templates -folder)

Once the extension is installed its use should become very obvious when the PLAY button is clicked and the system starts up. Experimenting with output modes is the best way to learn to use the extension.

If there are some issues, you can try to troubleshoot them by:

  • Opening DevTools > Console from the LiveSubtitler extension window
  • Opening DevTools > Console from the SPX Graphics Controller user interface window
  • Increasing log level from SPX server to debug-level

A typical cause of issues is incorrect configuration settings in the extension_config.json -file. Make sure that the template paths match with actual template installation folders. 

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