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The purpose of the SPX Knowledge Base or KB is to work as a central self-help destination for all user facing topics regarding SPX application, it's installation, configuration and the use of HTML templates and other features.

We will pay attention to user's feedback, typical questions and other suggestions and we will expand this collection as needed. 

Your help is welcomed!

If you have something to share: a user story, an article, a tip or anything SPX related information other's may find interesting, please share it with us and we can add that as an article here in KB or we might publish that as a blog post.

Some ideas:

  • how-to article on a specific SPX feature
  • a tutorial on making of an <attribute here> template for SPX
  • an article about integration with <another system>
  • if you have developed a professional quality template(s) you would like to see in the Store, please contact us. The Store will grow into an open Marketplace later, but for now all submissions are added to the Store by us.


For bug reports, you have two options: the Feedback Form or the Github issue tracker. For new Feature Requests and voting on existing ones please use spx.kampsite.co. For any other feedback or suggestion, we would recommend using the Feedback Form or the Chat on this page.

Join SPX community

You can join the SPX community discussion on Discord, and get answers to questions as well as instructions and examples. Join the SPX Discord server using this link:  https://bit.ly/joinspx

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