How content is stored in SPX.

The content of the productions done with SPX are stored into Projects and Rundowns on the filesystem as folders and files. SPX does not use databases. Using datafiles enables flexible workflows and even generating rundows using a backend process of some kind.


SPX's DATAROOT -folder is for storing content. By default it's in SPX's root folder (such as C:/SPX/DATAROOT). This can be changed in the SPX configuration file.

Each project is a subfolder inside the DATAROOT -folder. And each project folder contains a profile.json -file which holds information such as:
  • a list of templates assigned to the project
  • settings of each template such as layer used (1..20)
  • projectVariables (feature will most likely be released in v.1.1.3)
  • project extras (plugins)
  • reference to a library of custom js-commands.


Each rundown is a file in DATAROOT/<projectName>/data/ -folder. Rundown file holds information about each rundown item and their content.

Project folders and Rundown files within them can be moved to other SPX installations, but templates must be available in same (relative) folder paths on both SPX installations.

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