Templates in projects

SPX uses HTML templates for visuals

Templates can have any features supported by the renderers, such as Canvas objects, WebGL animations, CSS transforms and animations, animation libraries, such as GSAP, ThreeJS, Anime, Lottie/Bodymovin, and templates can utilize ajax calls for data visualizations, and other advanced uses.

SPX comes with a starter template package for reference. See folder ASSETS/templates/smartpx/Template_Pack_1

Video: Use existing HTML templates.

The templates must be within the ASSETS/templates folder structure. It is preferred to have a single subfolder for all your templates (myCompany in the example above) and further subfolders for different template packs or visual styles within it (ProjectA, ProjectB in the example).

SPX user interface and web playout always load templates from the ASSETS/templates folder, but CasparCG playout can be configured to playout copied templates from the template-path folder configured in CasparCG Server caspar.config -file.

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