Adding templates to a project and rundown

Once the templates are installed they can be added to a project and a rundown. See also articles on template installation and where to get templates.

You can try these steps also at the online SPX demo here.

Content in SPX is managed in projects, rundownsand rundown items.

Projects consist of project-specific templates and rundowns.

All project and rundown data are stored in a DATAROOT -folder, which is defined in SPX configurations. 

Create a new project

Go to Projects

In this section you can choose an already existing project or create a new one. 

To create a new project, press New and name your the project (a content folder in DATAROOT). In this case we create a project named Test. Once created, the Project Settings -view is shown by default, see below.

Add templates to a project

After creating a project, a Project Settings -view will open. Here you can assign templates to the project. 

Press the (+) button to browse for available templates. 

My template is not here, now what? See article on template installation and where to get templates.

Choose a template by double-clicking on it or choosing SELECT.

After adding the template, you will see it listed in the Project Settings -view.

In project settings, you can change settings of templates, such as the playout server, channel, and layer to be used for playout, accent color, etc. Typically these settings do not need to be changed.

Create a rundown

Go to Projects and choose a project, such as Projects > Test

Next, add a rundown to the project:

  • Choose Add Rundown (see the image above).
  • Give a rundown a name, such as "test" in this example. The new rundown will open in SPX.

Add template to a rundown

Once created, the rundown will open as an empty rundown at this point. You can start to populate the rundown with the templates assigned to the project. Add a template to the rundown by pressing the blue (+) button: a template selector opens.

Choose a template by pressing the blue (+) button. 

Template item will show in the rundown on the left side. You can play it (with default content) by clicking PLAY or pressing the spacebar on the keyboard.

Open the template item for editing by double-clicking it (or by using keyboard shortcut Enter)Press Save to save the changes for playout.

Then TAKE IN the graphic, either by clicking on "play" button (or using keyboard shortcut spacebar).

Some templates supports multi-phase animations. Then the Continue button will be enabled (keyboard shortcut Shift + Spacebar)

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