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How to install and use the app

Installation of the app

SPX Graphics for Zoom is installed on the Zoom desktop client from Zoom App Marketplace.

  • Go to Zoom App Marketplace
  • Locate SPX Graphics for Zoom
  • Click the Add button
  • Follow the given prompts and instructions
  • Or click here to add it to Zoom


SPX Graphics for Zoom requires a working camera since it generates graphics over the video.

  • Go to Zoom desktop client
  • Locate the Apps section
  • Click the SPX icon to open the application
  • The user interface of the app can run in two modes:

Welcome page

Once the app opens and there is no meeting in progress, you can see the Welcome page in the Zoom main desktop client. Here you can make some basic settings for graphics that will be shown in the meetings.

Free vs Pro

By default, the app runs in a FREE mode that restricts some application features (changing logo and custom colors) and will show an animated "Overlays provided by SPX Graphics" watermark occasionally (minimum 10-minute intervals and up to 20 times/day). See a GIF preview below.

The app can be upgraded to PRO which gives some additional functionalities. The Upgrade to Pro section will have a link to SPX Store to make the purchase. A ZoomID is needed for generating a personal license key.

After the purchase of the Pro license, you will receive an email with your personal license key (a multiline JSON -text object) which needs to be pasted as-is to the License key -field in the app. See image below:

Once entered successfully, the full functionality of the app will be enabled, such as:

  • Remove occasional watermarks
  • Allow using your own images as a logo in the graphics

Using the app in a meeting

SPX Graphics for Zoom comes with the following layers.


If the app does not render graphics or becomes unresponsive, please try the following steps

  • Click Stop video in the meeting and then Start video -or-
  • Select the More menu and choose Refresh app -or-
  • Close the app and restart it

Removing the app from Zoom

SPX Graphics for Zoom can be uninstalled from Zoom App Marketplace. See this article for instructions.

If you need more help, please contact SPX Support or join our Discord server.

More help

For more information on SPX Graphics for Zoom, you can use these resources

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