Errors in the Zoom app

What can I do to resolve issues in my SPX Graphics for Zoom experience?

The first thing is to read this article. 

Current status: 🟢 No known issues in the service at the moment.

On the surface, SPX Graphics for Zoom seems simple, but technically it is relatively complex and relies on many things for it to work as intended. If you come across problems, the following checklist may help to recover from them.

Start from the top and move down until the issue is resolved.

  • In Zoom: "Stop Video" and then "Start Video" again. This will force the app to reload the graphics renderer. A restart will take a few seconds and once the SPX Graphics Loader flashes over the video, the renderer is up again.

  • Refresh app. In the top corner click on the three dots (∘∘∘) and choose Refresh App. This will force the application to load to the side panel again. Please note that the renderer (over Zoom video) and the side panel work in tandem and they send messages to each other. If one is not working the other one probably fails to work also. Some actions may take a second to load, so when recovering from an error state, do not rush. Wait a couple of seconds between commands until systems are back up and running again. This speed depends on both your computer performance and your network speed.

  • Close and Restart the app.  In the top corner click on the three dots (∘∘∘) and choose Close. Then go back to My Apps and restart SPX Graphics for Zoom. This will reconnect to our backend and load all settings again. Do not rush commands, please see the previous bullet.

  • Reset settings. If some of your user data is corrupt, you can reset them. Go to the Settings tab and open Reset and Restart. Check the checkbox and click Reset. All your own content is removed to factory settings and you must enter your Name, Job title etc. to the template fields again. Reset feature does not remove any licenses.

  • Restart Zoom app. It is possible that some components deep within the app or the Zoom meeting client have entered into an unrecoverable memory state, and the only option is to close and restart the Zoom client. This usually solves memory- and session cache-related issues. 

  • Clear App Data Cache. It is possible session data or cookies are lost when, for example, they expire. Zoom client has a tool in Settings dialog to clear this data. Please log out and log in to your Zoom account after clearing local memory.

  • Other. Remove and re-install the SPX app. "Have you restarted it?" It is a worn-out phrase, but often true. Restarting a computer very often fixes issues, so that may be worth the shot also.

Your user profile is stored in SPX Graphics for Zoom backend database and a re-install will NOT delete and re-create it. The user interface has a real-time connection to the database and if we modify your database entry manually, the app user interface will react to these changes instantly. Depending on your license (free, pro, enterprise) we may be able to make some direct changes to your database entry in error situations.

We are constantly making changes and improvements to the app. You can see the Release Notes for changes and if you want to report a bug or make a feature request, please Contact Us.

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