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SPX Graphics for Zoom

The most recent ones are at the top of the page. We will address issues and limitations in upcoming releases. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us or join our Discord server.

To make sure you are running the most recent version, choose the More button (...) at the top right and select Refresh App.  


Refresh App and see the version number at the footer of the app.

1.0 - Feature complete

(waiting for release)
1.0 adds support for installing new templates and other features from SPX Store.

0.9 - RC

(waiting for release)
RC version adds cloud storage for user settings.

0.8 BETA

Beta versions save all data locally to the Zoom client and there is no cloud storage for user settings or uploaded assets. Web store integration is for Pro licenses only. 

v.0.8.7 BETA

⏳ Info updated 2023-05-03

In development...

  • Alternative color presets for Base Designs
  • Custom colors picker (Pro feature)

v.0.8.6 BETA

✅ Released 2023-05-03

This upgrade simplifies the user experience of the app and adds some minor general quality improvements.

User-facing new features

  • New fields visible in the Setting and Pro License -tabs
  • Infinite loop -checkbox option in the Headlines base layer
  • "Factory reset" functionality is introduced in the Settings tab. This is for recovering from a persistent error, such as corrupted data. This will remove all user-saved settings, including images and the Pro license. Once removed the graphics rendering will not work unless Zoom Video is turned off and on - or the app is closed and restarted.

UI changes and improvements

  • Headline looping (re)enabled with a checkbox
  • Move settings from the "welcome view" to the Settings tab

    • base design selector
    • image uploading
  • Move licensing fields from the "welcome view" to the Pro License tab
  • Add leading zeros to minutes and hours in 24h clock formats

v.0.8.5 BETA

✅ Released 2023-04-25

This upgrade implements some quality improvements and new features.

User-facing new features

  • Zebra base design added
  • manual continue mode added to the Headline controller

UI changes and improvements

  • headline controller improved 
  • fixed vertical accent line position in the name strap graphic
  • base design selector moved to the Settings tab 

Technical changes

  • template storage detached from core app to external file references
  • renderer initialization improved. Turning Zoom video OFF and ON should reload the renderer reliably
other small quality improvements and optimizations

Known issues
  • headline looping does not work
  • See also earlier remarks below

v.0.8.3 BETA

✅ Released 2023-04-14

The first maintenance release addresses some core issues:

  • Rendering initialization
  • Profile persistence improved

v.0.8.2 BETA

✅ Released 2023-04-13

The first publicly released version. This version stores all data locally in the Zoom client and does not use any cloud-based storage. Several UI components are locked from editing.

Features and Functionality

  • Base layers (name, logo/clock, ticker, fullscreen)
  • The welcome page is used to change the base design
  • Starter and Zebra designs activated
  • Possibility to register a PRO license from the welcome page
  • Possibility to upload and crop images to logos (requires Pro license)

Known issues and limitations

  • The Pro license purchase is disabled temporarily.
  • User profile data may be lost on "app reload" and settings are reverted back to defaults (Windows only)
  • Headlines control: manual "continue" mode is disabled (hidden from UI). The headlines advance automatically at the chosen pace. 
  • Headlines content texts may duplicate on save
  • Headlines in the Zebra base design may render incorrectly 
  • Variant changing is disabled on the Welcome page
  • Additional layers functionality is mostly disabled. There is a demo of additional layers in the UI ("Meeting callout") but it does not render anything on screen and cannot be modified or removed.
  • (more to be added)

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