"SPX Graphics for Zoom" vs "SPX"

What are the similarities and differences

SPX Graphics for Zoom is a Zoom App, that runs as a web app inside a desktop Zoom client for creating graphics and overlays in Zoom meetings. The SPX Graphics Controller on the other hand is typically running locally as an application and uses the filesystem and other local computer resources..

Application feature SPX SPX for Zoom
Software license Open Source, MIT-license Proprietary
Environment Desktop (PC, Mac, Linux) Zoom Desktop Client
Cloud application Can be virtualized Full web app
Can I create my own templates? Yes, installed to the local filesystem Not yourself.
Price Free Free version with animated, occasional watermark. The pro version does not have a watermark and enables more customization, such as using own logos.
Projects and rundowns Unlimited None. Up to 10 graphics available in the UI
SPX Store Templates, template packs, and extensions are available Two product categories: "Base Designs" and "Additional Templates"
Graphics output HTML source for compatible switchers Zoom client's camera view
External controls API Keyboard shortcuts for enabling and disabling Base Layers
Data sources Manual entry, API, feeds, files, databases, social, spreadsheets, etc Manual entry, Zoom API

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