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How to get the most out of SPX Graphics for Zoom

  • Emojis anywhere. All computers have a feature for adding emoji to any text field. On Windows machines, for example, you can use "Win+." keyboard shortcut for the emoji popup đŸ˜€.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts (coming soon) numpad values 0...9 to toggle on/off layers. These can also be driven with an external hardware controller, such as the Stream Deck.
  • Sort layers. The rendering order of additional layers can be changed by dragging them in the "Add layers" dialog
  • Base layers can be over or behind additional layers. See the Settings tab.
  • Same template on multiple layers and you can have two emoji on screen at once; one on the left and another on the right, for example. (This will be enabled in a future version.)
  • Countdown! Have you noticed the countdown option in the Fullscreen message?
  • Share the app! Click on the paper plane icon at the top of the side panel and notify meeting participants to add the app to their Zoom client.
  • Visit our SPX Zoom Store to see if there are new addons available
  • Contact Us if you have a feature request or if you are interested in a custom design

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