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Lyn Vuong Nyberg

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A template for a simple QR code display

The template is provided as a Windows installer and a ZIP file for manual installation on Windows, Linux, or Mac. 

Introduction video


SPX templates or extensions from the SPX Store are usually available as zip files for manual installation and as executable installers for Windows machines. The SPX QR code templates are HTML graphics used via CasparCG or other HTML-capable playout systems.

This QR code template is very convenient and simple to use. The user can use the package as-is or it can be modified for custom designs and functionality. The SPX UI supports changing the size and the position of the QR display. The color of the QR can be changed with the CSS settings.


⚠ REMEMBER to make backup copies of the original files before making any changes.

Font and color change

  • place a new font file in the fonts subfolder
  • link font file to the template by modifying CSS font file links

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