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a premium template for scrolling end credits

Credits Roll is available in the SPX Store.

Article updated Oct 30 2021

Credits Roll is a very useful template for vertically scrolling end credits. There can be an unlimited amount of groups and names within the credits. The duration of the credits can be set and an optional image can be used after the scroll for a production logo.

Default styles which comes with the templates and they can be changed.


For generic installation instructions of SPX templates, see Knowledge Base article Template Installation.

Template Controls

The template has the following controls exposed to the user:

  • Item name to help to identify the template on the rundown. This does not affect the graphics at all.
  • Help button opens this page.
  • Credits textbox for entering (or pasting) text content, see formatting instructions below.
  • Stylesheet dropdown for picking a style preset
  • Production logo dropdown for picking an optional image to be shown after the credits

Basic use

The content in the end credits works by "groups" and "names" within those groups. The content must be formatted with the following rules for the system to work.

Groups are headlines with their own style. Names are people within each group. See this example:

Change styles

In the template folder (ASSETS/templates/smartpx/creditsroll by default) there is a css/styles -subfolder with four CSS styles, each with controls to change alignment and sizes of elements and fonts and colors.

These style parameters are typical CSS properties, so please feel free to experiment with them, but it is always a good idea to make backup copies of the original files if something unexpected happens while making modifications to files.

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