SPX Store and taxes

How to apply for tax exemptions

Prices in the SPX Store are by default shown with VAT (Value Added Tax, 24%). The currency can be changed using the dropdown. When completing the checkout the VAT and total price may change to reflect your local taxes.

VAT reversal for EU-based business

When making business purchases in the EU, you can enter a valid BusinessID at check out and the VAT will be removed (VAT reverse charge).

Tax-exempt purchases
Some US-based organizations may have tax-exempt status. Applying this to your SPX Store purchases requires additional steps before making any purchases. We are not able to do this afterward!

  • Establish a user account in the SPX Store at https://www.spx.graphics/store/account
  • Email your Tax Exemption Certificate to us at [email protected] and include your SPX Store user email address
  • We will turn on the tax-exemption rule for your account
  • Wait for a confirmation email from us
  • Go back to the Store using your account and you should see tax-exempt prices

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