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This page is updated when a new version is released to highlight changes and new features. SPX-GC is a free software available at


Page updated Apr 27, 2021. Download the latest version from You can install the application to a new folder and have several versions available. Existing templates and related files are in the Assets -subfolder. Created projects and their rundowns are in Dataroot -subfolder.

Mac installation

SPX-GC has been notoriously challenging to install and configure on macOS. We are super happy to let you know this has finally been resolved. Now the installation is exactly the same on Windows and Mac: unzip and run 🙂

New API endpoints

API has been extended with a new endpoint to be able to trigger graphics that are not on the current rundown. Another new endpoint allows triggering custom functions within templates. An example of this could be a visual effect built into a template when a specific event occurs: the player makes a goal or another situation such as that. The operator clicks a button and boom!

See all endpoints from http://localhost:5000/api/v1

Copy item ID

Now the template items has an ID-button, which copies the itemID to the clipboard. This helps in working with API settings with Stream Deck, and similar devices.

Performance improvements

SPX-GC can be used with or without CasparCG servers. In v1.0.12 default configuration is without CasparCG servers, eliminating unnecessary error messages on the console and improving overall performance since CasparCG calls are not made when not needed.

Hallo Wereld 🌍

The user interface of SPX-GC can be translated into other languages. The latest bundled addition is Dutch, a kind translation contribution by Koen Willems from the Netherlands. Want to add your language? See README for instructions.

Bug fixes

  • Mac installation issue #3 fixed
  • A null object bug issue #18 fixed, which happened when rundown items were sorted after item deletion
  • A previously unreported looping issue in "auto-out templates" is fixed
  • Layers -parameter bug #32 fixed

For a full change history see on the source code repository. If you have a feature request or other feedback let us know via the chat on this page or by using the feedback form.

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