Using SPX with Stream Deck

Introduction to the control API

SPX has an API for an external control application or device, such as the  Elgato Stream Deck. API allows for instance:

  • loading a saved rundown
  • navigating on the rundown (first, next, previous, last)
  • play / continue / stop
  • execute 

You can get the available commands and their examples from /api/v1 address of your running SPX instance, typically:

The API was introduced in version 1.0.8 and future releases will add new possibilities to the API, such as "direct" commands to call up graphics (without having them on the active rundown), executing functions in templates, etc.

Please keep in mind SPX is primarily designed for manual playout in live productions and API is meant to help in that and not to enable more complex processes, such as rundown / item generation, content management, etc.

You can get SPX styled icons shown above from this file:

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